About fourty years ago I listened to a record from John Lee Hooker. It was the first blues record I owned. From that moment on I knew that this was my music. BLUES. I Play it wherever I can. Solo with my guitar, but also with guest musicians in different settings so that the blues can shine in different shapes. I played and sang in several Dutch bands like Madam Jeanette, the Stylemasters and at the moment in Three Bluezz. We play blues and a bit of soul. But my first love was acoustic blues and it will never bore me.  I've played it for quite a while, mainstage and as support act, but never bothered about publicity too much.

About Mister Moan

Charity: Ad Moosdijk Foundation

During my shows I collect for the Ad Moosdijk Foundation. They support orphins and street children in several places all over the world. It's a small organisation consisting of volunteers. So there are no huge salaries for managers. Contributions go directly to the children. You can find more information at

You can donate to their bank account NL11 RABO 0132509423 tnv Ad Moosdijk Foundation

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